Thuraya T2M Dual

Thuraya T2M Dual

The T2M-Dual is an end-to-end solution which enables the simultaneous collection of data from multiple points and sources including location information, data from extra sensors and peripherals devices, and input gathered from vehicles or heavy equipment CANbus.

Name Quantity Rate VAT (13%) Total
T2M DUAL 1 128318.58 16681.42 145000


  • Mobile assets and location tracking

    Simultaneous data collection from external sensors, peripherals, and vehicle or heavy equipment CANBus. Embedded GPS, Galileo, Glonass, and Beidou navigation systems convey exact location information.

  • Dual-mode coverage

    With dual-mode capabilities between Thuraya’s satellite M2M network and partner GSM networks, T2M-DUAL allows for automatic, always-on coverage across 395 countries.

  • Reduce consumption

    With the ability to gauge and continually study the consumption of resources like fuel and route optimization, T2M-DUAL helps operators make smarter, cost-saving decisions.

  • Geofencing

    Create virtual boundaries to protect assets and trigger a perimeter response.

  • Low total cost of ownership

    Cost effective M2M messaging and data plans to address tracking and monitoring applications with varying intervals and data transmission requirements.

  • Size:

    133(W) x 103(L) x 39.8(H)

  • Weight:

    395 g - 1.35 kg

  • Dual SIM:

    SAT (mini) & GSM (micro)

  • Ingress Protection

    IP66 (terminal), IP67 (antenna)

  • Resistant:

    Vibration, thermal shock and humidity resistant

  • Antennas for

    SAT, GPS & GSM